Open call Let’s Go 4 Games!


Seminar Let’s Go 4 Games!
Venue: Uitdam / Amsterdam, NL
Dates: 5-13 March 2018

Games don’t have to be just fun – they can be also used as an effective tool for personal and social development of youngsters as well as promoting the changes in society. There is still a lot of undiscovered and unused potential in games that can help to tackle very serious issues and problems in society – like fear from the “others”, hate, discrimination, oppression, exclusion.

The general idea of this project is to contribute to increasing the impact and quality of youth work by developing the competences of 29 youth workers from 14 Programme countries on using games as an effective tool for value-based education and inclusion.

– Exchanging experiences on what are the most crucial challenges that youth workers are dealing with in relation to value-based education and inclusion at the local level and providing a space for identifying areas they would like to work on more;

– Exploring the concept of games and playing as an effective opportunity for young people’s personal and social development and promoting the changes in society

– Training the skills of participants of using already existing games or develop new ones for working on concrete values and changing the attitudes through good quality non-formal learning process (design of game, facilitation, etc.)

– Developing further ideas on using the games as an effective learning opportunity for value-education and inclusion at the local level

– Sharing experiences from the training with wider network of youth work practitioners through the publication

Due to unique character of the project, it is very crucial for us that next to WOW GO Amsterdam, the additional candidate from the Netherlands is also related to a (local) youth organization. Also all participants are committed to spread the information and promote this project through suitable channels.

This is an application to Erasmus+ non-formal learning training course for people that already work with youth on using GAMES as an effective tool for value education and promoting personal development of youngsters and social change. Min. 18 years with no age limit

Participants applying for this project should:
• Working with young people on regular basis (youth workers, peer-to-peer educators, youth leaders, young activists, teachers, etc.) – not just young people themselves, but someone who already works with them
• Open to challenge themselves and learn a new approach of using games and participate in the intense programme of the training (sometimes even 12 h per day :))
• Committed to be promoters of social change in their community
• Ready to organize at least 2 follow-up activities using the experience from this training (individually AND together with another person from the same country) within 2 months after the training
• Working Language: English

If you fit the profile, and you are interested to join, please fill out application form (No later than 20. January 2018):

Upon receipt of your application we will send you and info-pack with more details.

This project has been funded by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union.