Keke goes Bodrum

Earlier this year Kei-Kevin Maturbongs has been selected to represent the Netherlands at the International Bodrum Dance Festival, together with 29 other participants from 29 different countries. Because of gathering world cultures in Bodrum Turkey, UNESCO had taken this festival in the list of international events list.

Kei-Kevin left today from Schiphol Airport, the Netherlands. He is an inhabitant of Zevenaar, a small city on the eastside of the country. He is 24 years and with his Dutch-Moluccan background he will be the perfect candidate to promote worlds dance and cultures during this festival. Kei-Kevin will be staying in Bodrum for a period of 1 month.

WOW Go Amsterdam would like to wish Kei-Kevin Maturbongs all the best for his trip to Bodrum, for the “XV International Bodrum Dance Festival”. We hope you will have a fantastic time, learn lots about diversity and exchange from other European participants, organizing international events, but moreover to show your own unique creativity, competency and talents !


KeiKevin Bodrum


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