Call for Volunteers

EVS Amsterdam Definitief

Call for Volunteers

Long Term 12 Months
Starting 1. September 2014 – 31. August 2015

The volunteer will stay in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, the capital and largest city of Holland. The capital city is also a comfortable communication point, enabling foreigners to visits other regions of the country. The EVS activities will be carried out in the organization WOW Go Amsterdam (60%), combined with EVS activities at different organizations (40%) in Amsterdam. The EVS project brings a lot of diversity to get to know the culture, abilities and people and will enlarge your competences, skills and working experience abroad. The volunteers will be placed in a rented house which has 4 bedrooms. The house is fully furnished.

@WOW Go Organization:

  • The volunteers will work directly with the staff and the volunteers of the NGO, at the Mobility Centre Office, supporting all the activities carried out by us on a local, regional, national and international level.
  • Provide support in all activities related to the organization. We are open to all ideas implemented by the volunteer.
  • Accompanying our coaches in their work , the volunteer will have the opportunity to organise promoting activities for WOW Go Amsterdam, e.g. presentations, informal meetings with youngsters in Amsterdam to promote and introduce EVS and Youth Exchange.
  • Helping to tutor youngsters in preparing their CV, finding a job, writing a business plan, supporting choosing internships, training or youth exchanges in our Mobility Centre.
  • Volunteering in organising youngster dinner meetings to discuss topics of mutual interest with other organisations in Amsterdam.
  • Provide administrative and/or organisational support at training national and international training meetings in various areas with in the organisation: Self employment trainings, Building partnerships, Network meetings, Intercultural Dialogues.
  • Social community related tasks outside WOW Go, such as providing service at food bank by donating groceries, providing aid to people in different margins of society to prevent social isolation through buddy projects and support marginalized people to take an active role in society, provide all kind of support to people with social problems, homeless and poor people in the city of Amsterdam.
  • The volunteer will be organizing weekly workshops for the children on various topics, all with non formal teaching methods. The volunteers will receive all the necessary training needed to achieve this.
  • The volunteer will work together with a group of youngsters in Amsterdam in order to prepare a yearly event (“WOW Go Jeugdland/Youth Land”) This event will be developed for children age 6-12 who are not able to go on holiday due to social and/or economic obstacles.
  • Besides all these, in terms of actually doing the activities, during the first 2 weeks of your stay, the activities will be more general ones, where the volunteers get used to the community, the culture, the habits. The volunteers will have dutch language teaching on a weekly basis. The working days will be : Monday – Friday, between 30-36 hours. Events during the weekend will be compensated in having free time during the week.

WOW Go is looking for Volunteer s from the EU, age from 18 to 30 years who are serious and motivated to come to Amsterdam for a period of 12 months.

The volunteer acquire as much independence and responsibility in leading the activities, as willing to undertake. The organization would be flexible and allow helping in any way that he would find comfortable. We are looking for energetic, creative open minded and independent youngsters. Your skills will further develop while working together with us. We require the volunteer to have a least basic skills in English and ready to learn the dutch language in order to communicate with the local community. Our daily operations require volunteer’s creativity and energy, necessary while working with people with all different ages and backgrounds, responsibility, patience as well as the ability to work in a team. Our organization has the mission to help in non formal education and upbringing of the young generation, so they would be characterised by the joy of living. We welcome people of all religious backgrounds to work with us, yet understanding we are a Christian organization and require all volunteers to abide by our rules and regulations.


  1. Do you think you fit the profile? Please join us as an EVS volunteer. We require a CV, a motivation letter and your Skype-ID. Besides requiring the full and honest information regarding your profile and motivation, we also encourage candidates to be creative with the application, to include anything that might reveal your individuality, your likes, your dislikes and your potential skills. Finally, but more import, you need to have an accredited Sending Organisation in your country. The board of the NGO will study the applications and will decide whether the presented profile is appropriate for our needs and activities. For those volunteers who have contacted us before, we kindly request you to subscribe by sending us the required documents again as we would like to give all volunteers equal chances to become our volunteer. Also we would like to know for sure whether you are still available. The deadline for subscription will be until Friday 7. March 2014. Applications after this date will not be processed.
  2. With suitable candidates we will have a Skype Interview in order to evaluate motivation and personality. After the interview, the board will take a decision. Period Skype interview: Week of 10-15 March 2014.
  3. All candidates will receive our final decision no later than Wednesday 19. March 2014

Your application needs to be addressed to Mr. Michael van Leeuwen, Project Leader EVS
E-mail address: m&

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