Call for volunteers: Malaysia

WOW Go Amsterdam is calling upon 12 EU-volunteers (including the Netherlands) for a volunteering project in Malaysia (8 participants) and Timor l’Este (4 participants). These projects are carried out by our partner in Malaysia and will be exclusively executed and coordinated by WOW Go Amsterdam. We are looking for passionate, motivated and interesting changemakers from Europe/Euromed countries (age 18-30years) to come and make a difference as an EVS Volunteer Worldwide!

1911610_217404011787745_1448300807_n The project outlines educational programs, believing that every underprivileged youth is entitled to a free and unique education which is provided throughout Southeast Asia, culminating in over 90 community centres in six countries. The volunteer will bring free English language and computer using education for youngsters and adults with fewer opportunities. We are mostly working with people with social, economical and geographical obstacles, that are poor, with lack of education or they are coming from rural areas. As a volunteer, you will be part of our 100 committed volunteers to teach English, life skills and assume leadership roles throughout these community centres for one unforgettable year.

Centers can be set in very rural settings (limited electricity and running water, no internet, etc.), however this is not always the case as many underprivileged communities can be found in urban settings. Locations: Malaysia or Timor l’Este. There is a minimum one-year commitment required.

Period of stay in Malaysia or Timor L’Este: Januari – December 2015.

An Accredited Sending Organisation (SO) with a PIC Code for the submission to European Committee in Brussels is necessary.

Predeparture training in Amsterdam: 1-2 weeks: Gathering of the EU-volunteers in December 2014.
Upon-arrival training: At headquarters in Kuala Lumpur (for both placements Malaysia/Timor l’Este)
After two to three weeks (depending on how quickly the group progresses through training) of
learning our curriculum and teaching methods, volunteers go to a centre with a CEO (Community Empowerment Officer) to receive more hands-on training. Ideally this would happen at their new centre so that the CEO will be able to set up the classes and introduce the methods while
the new volunteers learns how to teach their own students and develop relationships with them and the community. Generally we aim for 40 teaching hours per week, but it often depends on the community centre where CDOs are teaching.

Visa, Insurance, accommodation and food are provided along with :
* 1ST MONTH: No living allowance (housing and food provided at headquarters).
* 2ND & 3RD MONTH : a living allowance (165€) and food allowance (65€).
* 4TH – 12th MONTH : a living allowance (215€) and food allowance (65€).

* Return Flight ticket pre-departure training Amsterdam: 100% is covered
* Return Flight ticket home – Malaysia or Timor l’Este: 90% covered, 10% needs to be paid by yourself.
* Travel vaccines: at own expense

If you think you are a changemaker, get in touch with us by sending your CV and motivational letter at :, f.a.o. mrs Manuela van Leeuwen-Renjaan, Program Director EVS Worldwide.

Deadline for submission: Tuesday 18. March 2014

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