WOW Go Amsterdam is active in the realization of projects on national and international level to provide a positive contribution on educational and social area in the field of youth.

There are many possibilities in future development of the next generation. Young people are able to participate in the society and get renewed through empowerment and development of new skills. We support non-formal learning that we offer through our activities.

Main activities of the organisation:

  • Volunteering service national and international level (age 18-30)
  • Youth Exchanges (age 13-30)
  • Training & mobility projects staff and youth workers (18+)

We encourage young people to enlarge their horizons, and to develop an out-of-the-box mentality. They can improve their skills, knowledge and attitude and renew and enrich their competences. Our activities enrich their lives through new experiences.







The promotion of film, sound and multimedia will be used as a tool to help youngsters in the development of new skills and competences. Various workshops are set up on the techniques and how to use the tools. The activities promotion and encouragement of social cohesion between young people. In a creative way they will capture new experiences and enlarge basic learning skills through non formal learning. The youngsters learn to reflect their experience, to be creative in expression and presentation to help intercultural dialogue through the realization of different multimedia workshops and common activities.



Youngsters are able to participate in various training sessions to discuss important social environmental issues. Through empowerment activities they are able acquire skills to control their own situation. They also learn to set limits, become part in group discussions as an intercultural and intersocial approach in topics of mutual interest in their life. They develop new skills to gain more self-confidence that will lead to personal development. In addition, the trainings are presented through all kind of ways in participating theater.


Arts and Culture

WOW Go encourages youth participation in order to stimulate their sense of creativity and initiative. The young people are closely involved in the implementation of the activity. They take part in various activities such as dance, drama, music and visual presentations. The young people learn to present their own artistic work to others and reflect on experiences and choices through peer group learning. These activities lead to positive contribution to their personal and cultural differences in an open and informal climate.



“WOW Go Amsterdam Flows on the River of Hope”