Training & Mobility

WOW Go Amsterdam offers her youth workers the opportunity to participate in international seminars, training, job shadowing, networking activities and study visits. These activities contribute to the professional development of youth workers in Europe.

As a youth worker you exchange experiences with colleagues from other European countries. You will be able to develop new competences, knowledge and skills during the activities. It will also aim to increase international cooperation in in future projects.

Youth workers who are actively involved in WOW Go Amsterdam undertake work experience with the aim of boosting skills and employability. In addition participation of youth workers outside the organization is accessible to give them the opportunity to develop new skills and to exchange best practices with other countries. Youth workers are those who are actively involved in the field of youth, either professionally or as a volunteer.

An international training or network activity takes a minimum of 2 days and a maximum period of 2 months (depending on the type of activity). The training and networking activities should be established by at least two different organizations out of two different participating countries or partner countries neighboring the European Union. The activity takes place in the country of one of the participating organizations.