Focus your Vision Malta







Marilyn Montesin (age 17), Malta
This was my third youth exchange. I wanted to come to another youth exchange because I really enjoyed the first two. I met and made a lot of new friends and the programme was interesting.
This week was really packed with lot of activities and the days felt long since we had to wake up at 08.30 and we slept around 1am.

I enjoyed going to the beach, our free time; being able to go through Haarlem alone, playing ball with the other participants, going to the youth centre and doing karaoke, the day we spent in Amsterdam and doing our upcycling project with the other foreigners participants.

I enjoyed doing our Maltese night. Everyone liked our food and everyone enjoyed playing the games we organized.
I learned a lot more about the wastage in the world and what we need to do to raise more awareness and upcycle things.

I would definately participate in another youth exchange if I ever get another opportunity because it is a good way to tackle a subject; explore another country; make new friends and learn about other cultures.

I would have liked it more if we had WiFi and used the bicycles, and not so much sitting down and have to be quiet. Overall I enjoyed this youth exchange.


Jayel D’Emanuele (age 15), Malta
I wanted to come to the youth exchange to meet new friends from new countries. This was my first youth exchange and I had a lot of fun.

I would want to come to another youth exchange. I really enjoyed Amsterdam, dancing zumba and playing football. The visit to Flinty’s youth centre was a lot of fun too.

I learned how to play football. I also learned about upcycling – turning waste into something you can use.
I learned that democracy means power to the people.
I felt that my group did a good job of the structure about democracy.

For the Maltese night I came up with ideas for the activities and I enjoyed being involved. I felt proud because I felt we did a really good job.


Giorgina Ben Sol (age 15), Malta
This was the second time participating in a youth exchange. I was excited to attend fort his one because I wanted to meet some friends I met last year and I wanted to make new friends.

I really enjoyed zumba because I love dancing. I also enjoyed visiting Amsterdam as it is a very different city with different shops. The beach games were very fun and I enjoyed exploring Haarlem during the scavenger hunt organised by Flinty’s youth centre.

I enjoyed taking part in the upcycling project. My team was ‘diversity’ and I was very happy with our final art piece. I learned that everyone is beautiful even though different.

I really enjoyed learning about Italian culture and their hand gestures. I also leaned some Italian words.

The Maltese night was the first opportunity to become closer to other young people. It felt good toe at Maltese food after eating different kinds of food.


Tijianne Baldacchino (age 17), Malta
This youth exchange was about upcycling. We gathered used materials by collecting them from the beach and then we created a beautiful piece of art.

I enjoyed doing the project laboratory. This involved us creating arts out of the objects that we collected. My theme was focused on ‘education’ so out of plastic bottles we created people reading. We did this to demonstrate that education is about learning together.

It was disappointing we didn’t ride bikes as I was looking forward to it and they are big part of Haarlem culture. However, I was very happy as we did the italian night and it was very funny and interesting.

I learned about upcycling and why it is different from recycling. I think it is important to upcycle and I look forward to do it once I am in Malta!

I also learned Italian, tongue twister, mazzo di carte, carte di mazzo. I really want to participate again in a youth exchange as I feel that it is important to integrate with different cultures.


Stephanie Borg (age 15), Malta
I wanted to make friends but it was very hard for me, but the italians were very kind. It was good to see new things.
The most I thing I liked was the pace; the Netherlands was amazing.
I didn’t like that it was hard to not get homesick.

I learned to  be more outgoing.
Maybe I will come again. And this was my first time.
Why I said ‘maybe’ because it was very hard without my family but remember, it was my first time.

When we went to Amsterdam, I was happy because with shopping I found the perfume that I have been looking for of my favorite singer.


Lauren Church (age 13), Malta
I joined this youth exchange cause I wanted to meet new people and learn about new cultures.

I had loads of fund this week like visiting the beach, going to Amsterdam, and walking through Haarlem, karaoke at the youth centre, doing zumba with my friends and playing with the ball outside.

I have also learned a lot about the countries characteristics and personality traits. I liked learning words in different languages and hearing their songs and toasting their food.

I have grown attached to Haarlem and I will miss it very much. I will also miss the kids here as I will probably not see most of them every again.

The days were tiring as we had a lot to do and we had to wake up early. But at the same time, I was persuaded to stay up late as everyone was still outside.

I hated fighting with my best friend becasue it made me moody and I couldn’t concentrate well, but I know it will all pass by.

I loved the Maltese night and Italian night as I felt they were the best.

The exposition we put a lot of effort into handing out flyers to strangers all around Haarlemd and only three people showed up.

I would definately participate again as I love going to a new country and doing differnt stuff each day.

I was disappointed at the fact that we didn’t ride bicycles, as the Netherlands is famous for people riding on bicycles. I was practising for 2 weeks to learn how to ride it before coming here.

I did feel bored when we upcycled and recycled as I am not creative in arts and I don’t know how to draw although I have gotten better at it. But I still had fun.

I enjoyed it overall, and had an amazing experience and would love to join again!


Hayley Mamo (age 13), Malta
I was looking forward tot his youth exchange and it was my first time participating in a youth exchange. I made new friends from other countries that participated wit hus.

The Netherlands friends and the Italians were so friendly and helped me to integrate during the group sessions and games. The hands on activities were very interesting although I preferred the outdoor activities, especially when we went tot he beach and done some games and some beach crafts/models.

I will sure remember the day when we went to Amsterdam as a cultural outing. Enjoyed the scavengers hunt, found it very difficutlt to wake up in the morning after the long days but still enjoy every minute.

Food was great, enjoyed best the session ‘communication’ when we had to try and ‘communicate one way or another’. My experience was that ‘never stop to learn’. You can learn thing and methods in many ways. I wish I can participate again some day for gaining more experiencesss. Zumba, games and preparing for the exposition was great as we worked and participated all together. Also preparing and presenting our food and something of each country was good.

I would like to say thank you to all the leader for taking good care of us and tried to do their best to help me in the ups-and-downs that I had.