Focus your Vision Latvia







Deniss Kuņickis (age 16), Latvia
During the project I met a lot of really cool people and visited some nice places. At last 10 days I l learned something about culture of other countries and some interesting phrases in other languages. I actually improved my English skills too.

The best day was in Amsterdam and in the Haarlem youth club. Unfortunately some days weren’t so fun, there was some bad moments. For example time management was disappointing. I hope I will participate in another project because it is really good experience.

Valerija Merisjova (age 16), Latvia
The project was important for me, because I understood all thing. This week was very long and funny. I made new friends, I did a lot of interesting things.

In this project, I like the most that I spoke with different nationalities. I improved my English, and also I learned new languages. For example: italian, dutch and maltese. I liked the less that I don’t like bread, but I need to it because there was no choice. If I eat a lot of bread, I have problems with my skin. I learned what are recycling and upcycling.

I would participate again in this project because I can communicate with people. Thanks Erasmus+ for this project.

Maksims Polujančiks (age 15), Latvia
During the last 2 weeks I have met a group of young and amazing people. We worked a lot on the topic of the project and at the same time we had an opportunity to get to know the different cultures.

I liked the most that beside the opportunity to work on the topic of recycling and upcycling we had a chance to visit the beach, Amsterdam city and Haarlem. It gave us insight in lives of locals.

I didn’t like that sometimes activities didn’t start on time and I had to wait and wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do. I learned what is the difference between recycling and upcycling.

I would like to participate again because I would like to meet more new people and interact with them in order to find out and learn something new about other cultures.

Veronika Savčenko (age 16), Latvia
My first experience: Initially this proposal to participate in the project was unexpected and I wasn’t sure about it. I decided to participate because my best friend wanted to visit Amsterdam, so we decided both to go.

Here I made a lot of friends, but it was really hard. We were here from Malta, Latvia, Italy and the Netherlands. It was hard to find a contact with them, but with the energizers, name games and off course the group activities we had a great job in groups and also we did the greatest exposition.

The project was about recycling and upcycling, so we had to work with tras hand we had to make something special wit hit. It was hard because we needed more things like that. Here in Haarlem we learned how to live for 12 days without my family, how I can be patient, how to live with people in one room.

This project was an opportunity to learn a lot of unusual things. I think, the main goal as this project is to show youngsters that you can make an art from trash. And also this project is about communication between different people and nationalities. Now I am more patient, open to people and I want to participate in projects way more and find out more about cultures in European Union.

Darja Abramovska (age 15), Latvia
This was my first time taking part in a project like that, so I have nothing to compare with. Being here was fun sometimes. And sometimes there were things I didn’t expect to see and face with. My main goal was to improve my English skills and reach it. Meeting new people, talk tot hem, spending time with them was best part of this project. Being around with different people showed me how life works; if you don’t like someone you can’t do anything with that, you need to learn how to live with them.

I also learned from adults and mistakes and organisation and stuff. Free time was the most interesting despite that it wasn’t much; best time to learn something new about different cultures, countries and people.

I will definately take part in projects because they give you memories, experience and new friends. I am very thankful to my teachers for giving me this opportunity to see new places and meet new people.

Artjoms Zeņins (age 18), Latvia
During the last 2 weeks I have met a group of young people. It was interesting to know more about cultures. My Latvia team is the best one, and other teams too. I have received excited experience during this project.

Very interesting thing was travelling to Amsterdam and Haarlem. Bad thing is place, food and internet. Come on, everyone use internet.

What about activities. For me sometimes was boring. I tell one problem we made sculptures from rubbish. Problem is that it is not recycling or upcycling, it is a different thing. We made arts with limited resources and call it upcycling, nice try!Sometimes they didn’t go by the program and made mistakes. I won’t tell anything about that but this is what I am feeling.

On conclusion, the project was good, and I am thinking that you will know your mistakes.

Artemijs Riļevs (age 17), Latvia
My first project; My project started with the think about trip and good experience.
Talking about the project I can claim that the beginning was the best part, because I was talking with new people from different countries and the food was great!

I would prefer to learn about other cultures and to do more things, which are connected to sports; for example the activities on the beach. I did not like when I don’t know where I need to go; what I need to do and when I need to do this. To sum up, I can claim that I learned some new word in different languages.

Alekss Žitkovs (age 17), Latvia
I spent 2 weeks at this project, and I had very much experience. The one of the most important things was communication with other people from my and other countries.

I was surprised by people and I met new friends and improved my English. The project was good, especially activities when I have to contact with other people.

I enjoyed national activities because it was interesting to discover other cultures. We also did project laboratory in mixed nationalities, it was good.

I spoke with people and was improving my English level and my knowledge in other cultures. In general everything was fine. I had much fun. We visited Amsterdam and Haarlem cities it was very nice. I have enjoyed walking there.

Free time was the perfect opportunity to discover the city and to do shopping. I don’t know if I want to participate in a project again because it was my first experience and I have nothing to compare and I don’t know what will be the next project.