Focus your Vision Italy







Nicolas Chioccini (age 18), Italy
The beginning of this experience seems so distant. Remembring it is like to trying to remember a dream, maybe a beautiful dream.

The first time that I recognize in my memory is probably the warmth and atmosphere that surrounded all in the common room.

Surely I will remember the long nights without searching for the noise of the snoor and Henri’s jokes. I learned to be myself, to know new cultures, to recognize the sound of the 1.30am Amsterdam Express. I appreciate the trips also, if we have time for visit both Amsterdam and Haarlem.


Michelangelo Negretto (age 15), Italy
I was very curious about this experience. I wanted tos peak more english with people and make many new friends. I didn’t expect 10 days like these. The first day I was very shy, because I didn’t know the whole group and also the Italian group. Fortunately, I immediately adapted: It is important to feel as at home when you are in a new place. I didn’t really like the first activities because the group wasn’t relaxed, but it’s normal. Then I have known people from Latvia (like Artemijs, Denis, Alex…), people from the Netherlands (Errol, Ozan…), people from Malta (Marilyn, Tijianne,…. I have understood that I would be fine. Progressively, the activities were more exciting and engaging so I had a lot of fun.

I was afraid of the food, but then I loven them. It was great to sponsor our artworks to the people, and I have very liked the activities in Haarlem. I also spent a beautiful day at the Youth Centre Flinty’s and now I love Amsterdam, even if it is a chaotic city.

I had only one problem; Henri ..he is crazyyyy
I loved this experience, Yes I like it men!! And I want to participate again, because it was instructive and funny! Thanks!


Piergiorgio Pilli (age 15), Italy
During this week I know I am changed and improved my communication and collaboration skills.
I participated and I took this experience as a challenge.

I have always been a very shy guy and in these ten days I have learned how to overcome my limits.
I also got in touch iwth diverse problems like social inclusion, global warming. I know upcycling and I discussed my ‘green’ soul. I worked in groups, with people from different countries, speaking only English, which is not my native language, to reach a goal.

Bu I also understood my lacks and my flaws, and I tried to get over them.

Since the 30th of July tot he 10.August I have improved myself little by little. I think that everyone must try to get in touch. I loved talking with my new friends about their own cultures. Everyone has something to learn from each other. I really enjoyed this experience and I would do it again.


Teresa Mysiak (age 15), Italy
In this week I meet a lot of different persons, from different countries, from different cultures and this was nice.

At first maybe it could be difficult to understand each other, but then it was great to compare different opinions and different experiences and make many new friends.

I learned how to recycle and how to make interesting friendships. Sometimes it could be difficult to understand others feelings, because we are all different and sometimes we had arguments.

I would like to participate again because I love to travel. I enjoy the different activities, I like the laboratory about recycling. One of my favorite activities was in Haarlem and inviting people to our exposition. Some person were nice, and they asked a lot of things. I invited one lady and when she came I felt so happy.

Thank you for this experience!


Giordana Drago (age 15), Italy
When you are in a new situation or place with different unknown people, you try to be in your best way; people don’t know you deeply so you show the nicest part of you.

In this experience I felt like I was born another time in a different nation (a pretty nation!). My friends were my family; someone behaved as a parent (they were protective for me), someone as a brother or a sister (annoying but helpful).

After all we were a big united family, with pros and defects (as everything). I learned how to co-operate, to stay and listen to different ideas and people, to know somebody. Activities helped me a lot in this way, because we had to stay together and achieve a common and final goal.

Sometimes they were a bit boring, but interesting. I think that the best part was going out in the garden and chilling out. I could talk with people about everything and some stories were very fun. I felt comfortable. I would do this experience again, I had one of the best time of my life.

I discovered a lot of things that I didn’t know about nations; stereotypes are fake sometimes. One of the difficult things was going over the appearances and try to know the best part of somebody.

The leaders were great, and the breakfast too! All I want to say is “Thank you for everything”!


Martina Piccolo (age 17), Italy
Before arriving in Haarlem, I was really worried just because I didn’t know what I should have to do. I needed 2-3 days to settle down but then I really liked to speak with them and to share my passions and my story.

I liked activities where was requested our personal opinion because the group leaders and organizers listen to me carefully so I felt comfortable with them.

I liked less making the photos in Haarlem and Amsterdam because they were weary and most of the time we didn’t know where to go.

From this experience I learned how to have not prejudice fo other people, to understand behavior of other cultures that before appreard weird to me.

I think I like to participate in another youth exchange but I think it should be shorter because with others it can be a little bit uncomfortable especially if there are misunderstandings.

Mainly I liked this new experience, Dutch people are hospitable and I like to thank Michael because he taught to me to have no fear of being myself, to follow my dream and that there is always a chance to be happy in life in order to respect choices we have done.


Laura Bettella (age 17), Italy
When I arrived I was a bit scared; I was afraid of don’t make friends, of don’t be able tos peak with other in another language.

In these past 10 days I learned a lot of thing like: speak in public with more confidence and I also learned new things about Malta, Latvia and the Netherlands.

The first days were quite busy and sometimes was stressing to do many activities in a short time, but it was also funny. In particular I enjoyed all the activities about recycling and upcycling also because I had the opportunity of work with people who come from different countries.

I also like the dancing activities, they were funny and captivating. I think  that if I had the chance to participate again in the project, I would because thanks tot his project I learned how to communicate in another language and I also learned new things about Europe and different cultures. Then I also had a lot of fun, not only with the teenagers from another country, but also with the people who are in my same group.

I also loved the national dinners because I sa wand tasted the national dishes of Malta, Latvia and The Netherlands. The food was different and also if food I didn’t like, there were a lot of candies and food that I loved for example the maltese pudding.


Anna Buson (age 17), Italy
This experience has been great!
When I arrived here on Monday 30th of July, I was worried because I didn’t know what would happen. During these two weeks we have done a lot of activities about upcycling and recycling: I loved that!

One of the first brain-storming that we did during the first day was about our fears and I wrote that I am scared of being bored. I am so proud of saying that here I have never felt bored because we have done a lot of great activities.

I loved discovering Amsterdam with my new friends and giving tot he people of Haarlem the invitation four our exhibition.

This project opened my mind to other cultures and the way of living. I have to say thank you to the leaders for giving me the opportunity to speak in front of fourty people and for teaching me how to express my opinion using a language different from my mother language.

One of the things that I was more proud of is when I’ve been able to invite a lot of people to our exhibition and when a lady that I have spoken with arrived to see our pieces of arts.

Off course I would like to participate again in a project like this and off course I will suggest this to all my friends. Thanks!