Lauritz Andersen

Going on a trip. Taking a plane. I have done it so many times during my 5 years living in Holland, going back to Denmark, that it is really of no signifagence to me any more. Perhaps even a bit of a nuisance with all the security and time before and after the airport. I always sleep in the plane.

Upon arrival in the gran canaria airport I was more awake. The architecture was stunning. I had really not expected something so unique and was stoked to be outside of Northern Europe. On the bus ride to the hostel in Las Palmas I was wide awake observing the surroundings as they passed. Cacti. Dry hills. Colorful houses.

Going to bed the first night I heard someone sing Hallelujah, a song we were going to sing with the other choirs. I was quite intimidated when I heard the voice hit a falsetto by the third chorus. The next morning we had to write down our hopes, fears, and contributions for the coming week of the project. One of my hopes being to come to terms with my musical capabilities another to collaborate.

Being in a foreign country with people I have only met about a month before, and many more I only met in the foreign country, left me in a special space I hadn’t been in for many years. I was not bound to any community I was going to be a part of for years to come as an education and I didn’t know anyone but communicating was inevitable. I feel I have previously forced communication on myself but on this trip I found myself quiet and at peace. I felt no need to force friendships or communication. Come what will. And I fully enjoyed just being. When reflecting upon myself about 5 years ago (when I started my bachelor, similar situation) I realize how much closer this feels to being what I really feel I am. I had tied so many bad connotations to not talking and being in active when it actually feels very natural for me.

Having realized this helped me achieve the hopes I mentioned before. I was able to play my guitar and sing amongst other people with out feeling embarrassed about my lack of expertise and my weak ear for tones. I am very happy about this and the collaborations that have occurred spontainiously during this week.

Thank you for the valuable life lesson.


By Lauritz Andersen, age 26, from Amsterdam, the Netherlands