Eva van der Zand (Groupleader)

Buenos noches!

I learn because of you by Eva van der Zand, Group Leader Erasmus+ The Refugee Song, age 28, from Amsterdam

Together with a beautiful group of people all located in Amsterdam, but from different countries, we have been practicing for 2 months for a performance during the project called “the refugee song” in Gran Canaria.

The organisation we went with was Wow Go Amsterdam. We presented a song called storm, by rare silk. The lyrics are written below here.

A week before we departed to Gran Canaria, a friend that went to Greece told me a story of a woman. This woman was a refugee by boat from Africa to Greece. She was even pregnant. The boat of the woman was not safe enough and the boat collapsed. On a moment she thought she would drown in the sea. On that moment she surrendered to the storm and spread her arms and started singing a song in herself. For hours in the dark she was floating. Can you imagine surrounded by the dark sea and the dark sky, in the middle of nowhere. When the day entered the sea pushed her
finally to the shore. We choose this song to show compassion for the universal theme in human lives of going through a storm and not knowing where to go. This uncertainty in life is a deep human experience, I also feel a lot of times. Although, when I sing this uncertainty dissolves and is transformed.

Next to our own contribution, all the other 7 countries that were involved contributed a lot with their historical and cultural backgrounds. But mainly with their unique personalities. Especially the moments when I could see people loosening up, forgetting their own patterns and something new and true came out of their human expression.
On the final presentation day of the program all the countries presented their music in front of the group. There was as well a Spanish song that touched me in particular.

I learned because of you
that there are new and better emotions
I learned because of you
to be aware of a new world of illusions

I learned
that the week has more than seven days
that can give me joy
and to be happy, I learned together with you.

I learned because of you
to see the light on the other side of the moon
I learned because of you
that your presence does not change

I learned
that a kiss can be sweeter and deeper
that I can leave tomorrow of this world

The good things I lived with you
and with you I learned
that I was born the day I met you.

Contigo aprendí
que existen nuevas y mejores emociones
Contigo aprendí
a conocer un mundo nuevo de ilusiones

que la semana tiene más de siete días
a hacer mayores mis contadas alegrías
y a ser dichoso yo contigo lo aprendí.

Contigo aprendí
a ver la luz del otro lado de la luna
Contigo aprendí
que tu presencia no la cambio por ninguna

que puede un beso ser más dulce y más profundo
que puedo irme mañana mismo de este mundo

Las cosas buenas ya contigo las viví
y contigo aprendí
que yo nací el día que te conocí.

Storm by Rare Silk

Wind is high and stormy tonight
We can feel it’s magical light
As the sea comes speaking to me
Siren voices drift out of key

Wind and sea mix thoughts in my brain
Never know if love will remain
Like a wave gone over my head

Don’t know how your eyes are to be read
Skies are filled with secret delight
Midnight rain illusion invites
Whisper low mysterious one
In this Storm
don’t know where to run