Daniel Moradyan

I’m typing this text while I’m sitting in the airplane flying from Rome to Amsterdam, looking through windows, seeing Italy under the clouds and getting the feeling that I’m gonna miss this country and these lovely people. Before getting into the airplane in Amsterdam Schiphol international airport, I found two weeks staying in Italy kind of too long but now I wish it was even longer…

What a trip, what a country, what a time and what an experience! Meeting lots of lovely people, getting to know a warm culture, eating real Italian pasta and pizza, seeing Rome and San Salvo are just few examples of the great moments that came to pass for me in Italy. Beside that getting to know my host family, her son, and her olders and seeing how sweet some people are and how great the Italian hospitality it was my best experience in Italy. I really loved them and look forward to see them again and badly wished I could tell them what I wanted them to know.

Door: Daniel Moradyan, 25 jaar, uit Amstelveen (d.d. 17 juli 2014, Multimedia – Music is Calling Groep, San Salvo Italië)

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