Antonin Dujardin-Terry, Focus your Vision NL

Antonin Dujardin-Terry, age 16, The Netherlands
When I first heard about this project, I wasn’t so sure how it would turn out, tot he fact that it was 10 days. I was in fact suprised and relieved to find out that we could live these 10 days with each other.

The first week was a bit chaotic because we were learning how to devise the proper rules for each other, but it was also really fun to bond and make new connections with people from other countries.

One of the interesting things I noticed in the first week is that a far amount of people were shy at first but after a few days started coming out of their shell. In terms of what I have learning during this project I would say there are a fair amount of things.

One of the biggest being learing more about Latvia and Latvians. Before the project, I knew almost nothing about Latvia but after these 10 days I know that there are a lot of Russians who live there and I even learned a few words in Russian.

I had off course learned more about the other cultures too, but most of the other groups I already knew from previous projects. I would say that the main highlight of this project was working together on the upcycling art projects and also meeting new people.

One thing I think would have been nicer would bet o have more activities outside of the camp, but overall it was fun. If I have the chance to take part again in a project then I will definately take it. This is my 3rd project and I loved doing them every time. My only hopes are that the next time it will be in another country.