Amy Hendrix

Last week for the first time, I participated at a youth exchange project. This was a whole different experience for me in matters of being with a big group for a long time and also seeing how we as a group develop. Being together with people from so many different countries and being able to connect and create together was a great experience.

Working towards the final performance I liked the fact we could divide ourselves in groups where we thought our talent would be of best use. I really enjoyed working together with the media team. It was a great working on the trailer I made with Neti (teamleader of France).

For me as a ‘social-cultural development’ student, it was interesting to notice different group dynamics and methods the organizers used to connect the different youngsters through art and by being playful. From this I learned a lot and I could say that I’ve experience a good-practice. This week motivated me and clarified that I would love to work in community arts projects as a professional.

Overal I had a good first youth exchange, I stepped in this project with not too many expectations: I wanted to experience how exchanges like these are and work. I learned from it and met inspiring people. I would definitely be interested in more projects like these. Thanks!


Door: Amy Hendrix, 25 jaar uit Arnhem


Below trailer I made: